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HenningShootsGuns was founded by Henning Wallgren who started competing with Tanfoglio pistols in 1992. We offer articles in form of technical advice, a forum and an online store catering to Tanfoglio enthusiasts. We design and manufacture high quality after-market parts that are available in our online store. If you have any questions on how to improve your gun, please feel free to contact us via email or participate in the Tanfoglio Forum on The shop also features competition grade AR-15 and 1911 parts. You can call us at 720 325 7890.

On this extensive website you will find picture articles including videos from practical shooting events all over the world. You'll see the Tanfoglio pistol in action as well as a wide range of our shooting friends competing. Competitions require the guns to perform flawlessly and the competition arena is the ultimate test of our products.

For all International Customers please visit TANFOGLIOPARTS.COM

45x45 Exercise One of the few areas of my life I'm serious about...

45x45 Mr. P. Type  I was going to say, don't ask.., but that would get you nowhere would it ?

Ski Colorado  Where to go for good skiing.

45x45 Riding  What, where and maybe why.


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“Battlehook” Sight is a high performance, competition grade, multi-purpose sight designed and manufactured in the USA. This sight is innovatively designed with a 10° forward angle for one-handed slide racking... More>>
The new USPSA base pad uses a tool less design to keep the it attached to the magazine tube. Fits the 141.25mm USPSA Limited Gauge. More>>

After six months of development and two years in the making, it's ready. The new Competition Magwell. It's Awesome ;-). More>>

The Henning ConeFit Guiderod sits in the frame on a cone, giving it a larger surface to rest on. . More>>
Introducing the new Flat Trigger System which has a tight to frame fit and much better pre- and over-travel adjustments. A huge improvement over the factory trigger and easier to disassemble.. More>>
The new Hammer and Sear Pins improves trigger pull by removing factory "slop".. More>>
New Zealand's North Island; Auckland, Rotorua, Mt. Maunganui, Whangarei, Bay of Islands, Cape Reinga More>>
18 stages, 350+ rounds and great stages in a lush, beautiful country More>>
12 stages and always a good match in Texas. More>>
A new high quality Fiber Optic Post has arrived. Measures 0.090" x 0.165" with a 0.040" fiber rod and finished in BearCoat Flat Black... More>>
Four buddies drove to Czech Republic for the best IPSC match I've ever been to... More>>
Image 100x75 The 20th Annual Desert Classic a battle between Mike Voigt, Taran Butler and myself in Limited. The European shooters Saul Kirsch and Christian Wilda dominate Open... More>>
Image 100x75 Colorado Multi-Gun's precision rifle, carbine and tactical pistol match involving shooting out of a moving humvee, night shoot and... More>>
Image 100x75 Shooters and gear put to a hard test.
Our team comes in 4th out of 32 teams. More>>

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