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EAA Witness: Trigger Parts

The trigger system comes in two major configurations; single or double action. It is possible on all models to convert a pistol from single to double action or vice versa. The main part that makes double action possible is the "interruptor". It allows the trigger bar to push, cock and release the hammer to fire the first shot in double action mode. Every shot fired after that is regular single action. If you want to convert your gun from one to the other there are three parts you will need to consider changing or getting: hammer (da/sa), trigger (da/sa) and interruptor. EAA Witness / Tanfoglio pistols come in either large or small frame sizes. All trigger system parts interchange except for the trigger bar (often called trigger bow).

Medium Trigger System fits most people's hands:

Long Trigger System fits people with big hands and long fingers:

Henning Professional Flat Trigger System

This flat trigger is designed to fit in the frame very tightly. It rotates on a solid pin instead of a roll pin which controls the movement. The pre- and over-travel adjustments are highly improved over the factory trigger. You can read the full technical article here.

The System comes complete with trigger lever, pin, nut, trigger return spring, pre- and over-travel screws. It also comes with a lighter trigger plunger spring. By replacing the factory trigger plunger spring you will reduce the pressure from the trigger plunger onto the trigger bar.

The Flat Trigger is currently available in two different lengths: Medium and Long length. The Medium is located about the same place as the factory curved trigger. The Long is 6mm (about .230" longer than the medium) and is recommended for shooters with big hands.

This trigger system is for Single Action only. I have the trigger lever available by itself for those who already have the short trigger and want a longer one. This lever will not work without already having a complete trigger kit.

We offer additional spare parts and spring tuning kits. The spring kits allows you to very finely tune the trigger pull down to 1 oz increments.

Our very popular SHORT trigger is back in production and will be shipping in September. We are taking orders for them now. The SHORT trigger fits shooters who have small hands (typically glove size 9 or smaller)


Henning Professional Flat Trigger System
Price $125.00

Flat Trigger System's spare parts and tuning springs:

H031 Pre- and Over-Travel Screws
Price: $10.00
H032 Trigger Pin & Nut
Price: $18.00
H033 Trigger Return Spring Kit (3 springs)
Price: $20.00
H037 Trigger Plunger Spring Kit (3 springs) Price: $30.00 Qty:

Henning Ultimate Prepped Trigger Kit (5 piece kit)

The ultimate trigger kit for the EAA Witness - Tanfoglio pistols includes EGW's Hammer and Sear that has been prepped by EGW, HENNING X-Long Firing Pin, 13lb and 14lb Wolff Hammer Spring. The hammer is made from barstock. The hard sear is hardened to Rockwell 55, reset leg been cut back and sear face polished. It will give you a consistent trigger pull for a long time. The 13lb Wolff Hammer Spring reduces your new nice trigger pull considerably and the X-Long Firing Pin gives you 100% consistent ignition. The Trigger Kit can be expanded by including the new hardened hammer and sear pins. They are oversized so a reamer must be used to install. The hardened sear pin keeps the sear tight in the sear housing which helps control the trigger part. The hardened hammer pin holds the hammer in the frame tightly. The 2 different hammer springs allows you to adjust the force which the hammer hits the primers and also affects trigger pull weight.

This kit should be installed by a gunsmith, sear will require a fitting to thumb safety. For additional lightening of trigger pull and creating the trigger pull you truly desire, the sear face will need stoning/polishing. The trigger reset can also be shortened more by working the sear.

Price: $175.00 Qty:

Henning Trigger Pins and Reamers (5 piece kit)

There is no surprise that both factory and after market parts have a variance in their tolerances. If you buy an EGW hammer and sear it means you try to achieve the best possible trigger; crisp and light with a short reset. Besides switching to quality hammers and sears, what makes these parts tick is their fit to the frame. If the pins that holds the sear and hammer are smaller than the holes in the parts they are guiding, the sear and hammer cannot rotate consistently. To do it right - replace the sear and hammer pin with high quality 416 stainless, hardened pins to Rockwell 42. These parts will not wear like the factory pins which gradually gets chewed up. All pins are designed to be ever so slightly oversize because there is a variance in the factory parts. On some guns the pins will slip right in, but for the most part the holes will need to be reamed to fit the pin. Ream the hole to size, not the other way around ! Besides tighter tolerances, the hammer pin pin has been designed for easier dis/assembly.

The Sear Pin is oversized to 0.1200" and comes with a .1200" reamer to fit. The Hammer Pin is oversized to 0.1470" and comes with a .1470" reamer to fit. The kit also includes a very sophisticated Hammer Pin Pin which has a "nipple" that allows for easy disassembly of the trigger parts from the frame !

HTPTK - Trigger Pin & Reamer Kit
Price: $75.00

Single Action Trigger w/ Over-Travel Screw

Factory spec for all single action models, like Gold Team, Limited and Match.

Single Action Trigger
Price: $75.00

Double Action Trigger

Factory spec for Stock, Steel models. Blued Finish.

Price: $45.00 Qty:

Trigger Double Action Interruptor

If you have a double action model or want to convert your single action pistol into a double action, you need to install this interruptor on a factory hammer. Comes as a kit with pin to attach to your double action hammer.

Price: $30.00 Qty:
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