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EAA Witness: Upper Assembly Parts

The "Upper Assembly" is typically referred to as everything that goes into the slide and can be taken off as one unit by removing the slide stop from the frame. Barrels, comps and slides are not currently available in my store.

All general medium sized parts is covered on this page. The only other parts are minor springs, pins and firing pin stop plate which you will find in the Pins, Springs, Screws section and front and rear sights which will you find in Sights section. For more details on the after market Wolff springs see Tuning Parts

Firing Pin

Several firing pins are available. Before you order make sure to know if you have a large or small frame model gun. If you don't, measure your magazines! For more details check out Henning XL Firing Pin

Magazines measure:
Henning X-Long Firing Pin
Large Frame (2.630")
Price: $25.00
Henning Long Firing Pin
Small Frame (2.480")
Price: $25.00



A spare part for your shooters bag for sure. I recommend replacing them every 8,000 rounds. The main part I inspect for wear on a regular basis. Irregular and only with bad brass, but case separation can damage the extractor. So far, only happened to me with 40 S&W and very fast burning powders.

It's a good idea to replace the extractor spring every now and then. If you take the extractor out to clean it on a regular basis, the extractor pin gets worn and eventually will get loose. If you're having problems with cases getting stuck in the chamber you can try the Wolff extra power extractor spring or modify the extractor. See article on how to "Tune for Rimless". This concept can be applied to all caliber and helps put more tension on the extractor and helps pull empty cases out of the chamber.

We are working on our own line of extractors for the EAA pistols. If you are interested in one of these, please place your order, we are expecting to ship beginning of October.

Henning Extractor for Witness Price: $45.00 Qty:
Wolff Extra Power Extractor Spring
Price: $8.00

Guide Rod

Comes in different lengths depending on your model. The new Henning ConeFit Guiderod (top picture) features a new way of sitting in the frame that saves the frame from damage. For more info, read full article.

Henning Polished Guide Rod - Long Slide Custom (Gold V8, Limited, Match) OAL = 4.2"
Price: $39.95
2- Pack of ConeFit Long Slide Guide Rods Price: $69.95 Qty:

Henning Polished Guide Rod - Standard Slide Custom (Gold V12, Stock, Stock II, Steel) OAL = 3.8"
Price: $39.95
2- Pack of ConeFit Standard Slide Guide Rods Price: $69.95 Qty:

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