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Magazine Setup for .38 Super

The Witness Elite 38 Super models offers the potential for increasing your magazine capacity over the factory magazine's 17 + 1. There are a few simple rules you should follow to have reliable hi-cap mags:

Modify your factory mag to fit 24 + 1 rounds

1. Order the Grams Follower & Spring Kit with a Henning H-140 magazine pad for each mag from my shop.
2. Disassemble your factory mag; remove the floor plate, spring and follower.
3. Before inserting the Grams FSK, make sure the follower is leaning to the right. The reason for this is that it can pop through the mag lips. We don't want that. So use a needle nose plier and bend the spring just under the follower until it is tilting (quite a bit) to the right.
4. When you assemble the mag with Grams and the H-140 pad you'll quickly see if the follower stays inside or pops through. If it does, take it out and bend the spring until it stays inside.

If you don't want to go through the trouble of modifying the mags, just get the competition ready mag here.

Modify your factory mag to fit 20 rounds

1. Order the Grams Follower & Spring Kit with a Factory Aluminum magazine Pad for each mag from my shop.
2. Disassemble your factory mag; remove the floor plate, spring and follower.
3. Cut 2 coils off the Grams Springs. Bend the spring to make sure the follower is leaning to the right as you would for the 23 round mag.
4. Assemble the magazine.

Slide Stop will not lock the slide back anymore

Since this is an aftermarket follower, it doesn't work with the factory slidestop. Personally, I don't allow the gun to lock back at any time anyway, so I recommend getting the EGW Slide Pin. It eliminates any mismatch issues with the factory slide stop.

38 Super or 38 Rimless ?

The way these magazines are made they favor the rimless case. If you want to increase your hi-cap capacity by a round and avoid magazine issues, do yourself a favor and go with rimless brass! The mags are GREAT for rimless cases! For major matches I always use new brass. When you're reloading used brass, make sure you use the EGW Undersized 38 Super die. I've tried nickel brass, but it doesn't seem to gain much in respect to feeding. Regular brass is cheaper and better for reloading.

What's the deal with 170mm mags ?

Finally in stock. The USPSA gauge measure 171.25mm which allows a factory pad to be added to the new style Tanfoglio 170mm mag tube. However, it needs to be shaved off and the back part of the magazine lips has to be rounded to allow the 171.25 to fit into the gauge. You can get them from my shop here. The 171.25 USPSA magazine allows 29 + 1 round capactiy. If you're shooting IPSC, the gauge is 170mm and you have to use the factory plastic pad until I have my machine shop make a special pad for this magazine. The current IPSC 170mm magazine will fit 27 + 1 after I've modified it. You can get them here.

Mag spring life

Expect to get 200 cycles times 20 rounds of each mag. That makes 4,000 rounds fire out of each of your extended mag setup. If you have 5 mags total, expect to replace your mag springs after 20,000 rounds. That way you'll always have reliable magazines.

New Style 24
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23 Round Mag Pictured:
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